How Afrobeat inspired my genre — Israeli American Rapper, Neil Bajayo

Crossing over to Africa with a trending Afrobeat sound is a huge success for Israeli-American hip hop artiste, Neil Bajayo, and he has revealed that the breakthrough is one experience he would continue to hold dear to his heart.

Rapper Neil Bajayo

The multi talented rapper, whose soundtrack was featured in a Hollywood movie, starring hip hop superstar, Ice-T, spoke from his US base, saying he is excited about his infusion of Afrobeats into Hip Hop genre.

Neil who is currently working on his new album, said he understood the challenges that come with breaking into the African market as a foreigner, and was quick to add that it remained a big adventure he would like to explore as he grows in the industry.

According to him, inspiration comes from life in itself, adding that he listens to music from all cultures,  loves the fact that Afro pop music  was kicking off.

Asked if he thought he would succeed, optimistic Bajayo, who is banking on his talent and faith, said he would succeed. “I have faith that I will succeed as a hip hop artist, because I love what I do. I have been dreaming about this most of my life and mentally preparing for this.”


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